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Health Insurance

The rapidly increasing costs of providing group health insurance coverage has prompted many employers to either drop the health coverage that they provide to employees or to pass a larger share of the cost related to health benefits on to their employees. The result of this has been a steady increase in the number of the U.S. workforce who aren't insured through employer sponsored health coverage, but rather by individual health insurance coverage.

Today, about 7% of Americans with health insurance are covered via individual health policies, and this number is expected to continue to grow.

If you are seeking an individual health insurance policy, you should compare health plans from multiple health insurance companies before you make your ultimate insurance purchase decision. When comparing health insurance plans side-by-side, you should compare factors such as: Monthly premiums, deductible levels, other out of pocket costs required (such as co-payments or co-insurance), as well as network requirements of the health plan.

Why do we ask these questions?

Our agents and carriers will use your detailed answers to create the most accurate quote possible to fit your insurance situation. Instead of getting a rough estimate based on very little information, we ask for details that allow you to be provided with policy and pricing information that fits your specific needs.

How will you receive your quotes?

Depending on your location, the type of insurance needed, and the availability of real-time insurance quoting that matches your situation, you might receive quote details on successive pages of this web session. In some cases, when quote data is not available instantly, you will receive information through email or telephone call.


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